A no show at Ascot!

Some of the chaps seemed a little surprised to see me when I called at the Club earlier today. I had decided to drop by for a spot of dinner and there was quite a crowd at the bar, due I suspect to old George having brought in a fresh selection of wines from his recent trip to the French vineyards. It is something he does now and again, spending his holiday touring the vineyards of France in search of new and interesting wines for the members to sample. Anyway. amongst the small crowd that had gathered to sample his latest selection was my old friend Cambridge who I haven’t seen for a few weeks. It appears he has been spending some time in France himself recently, but in his case, it was the bars of Paris rather than the hillsides of Bordeaux. He was the first to express his surprise at seeing me still in town, wondering why I wasn’t down at Ascot.

One never likes to think of one’s self as being predictable, but I suppose I have become a little set in my ways over the past few years and maybe a little predictable. It has become expected that I will be at these little social events. Not there is anything intrinsically wrong with having routines. Quite the opposite I would say.

Obviously, I could not leave the question of Ascot unanswered and was able to assure those of the chaps who would listen that I was, in fact, making my way down tomorrow evening with Hope. Unfortunately, she can only spare the one day away from the gallery this week so we will just be there for Ladies Day. I had planned to stay longer but decided that as I wanted to take Hope with me, I should limit myself to the time she had available so that I could make the journey there and back with her. When  I first suggested to Hope that we might attend the meet, she surprised me by saying that he had not been herself for over twenty years. I have to say that this admission somewhat surprised me as I had thought it was the kind of event she would enjoy. But it turns out that following an unpleasant incident when she was last there had somewhat spoilt it for her.

I have booked us into a very nice little place I have used many times before when in that part of the country. It is very close to the course and keeps an extremely fine wine cellar. I understand that they have a new chef. There is always a worry when an established chef moves on, but I have from a very reliable source that if anything the food is better than ever. Of course, I will reserve judgement until I have had the opportunity to sample it for myself, but I am sure their high standards will have been maintained.

I have decided that this year I will take the Bentley and drive us there myself. I see no point in dragging old Arnold away from town for this particular little trip. It gives him an opportunity to spend a little extra time with his family and I am quite looking forward to the drive.


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