Ascot Ahoy

What oh – it’s Ascot week – splendid fun for everyone. Not that the racing itself really interests me. Good grief no! I find all that watching horses running around in circles quite tiresome. It is also rather noisy and smelly. No, for me Ascot is all about the society. It is one of the notable events of the social calendar for catching up with friends over a decent champers.

Ascot is one of those occasions that make me proud to be British. No one does events such as this like we do. They do say it is the sport of Kings (or Queens of course) and I know for sure that Lizzie is quite a fan of the racing. Some of the chaps enjoy the racing too and take a great deal of interest in who won what on whose horse. Personally, I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Admittedly I have been known to place a wager or two, but only when a friend has a horse. I usually lose, but have been known to win the odd thou here and there.

One of the key elements to getting the most out of Ascot, or any other event for that matter, is securing the right accommodation. It can be frightfully tedious searching, but I have found a delightful little place quite close to the course where my friends and I can enjoy exquisite cuisine and a splendid selection of single malts. It is one of those grand old houses that was in a state of disrepair until recently when it was taken over and turned into a rather splendid hotel. Now, according to my aunt Lady Madock I own shares in the place, but I have never been able to keep a track of all my investments. I find that sort of thing frightfully boring if truth be told. I have people who deal with that side of things for me.

Ascot always attracts the very best of society, but it also seems to be popular these days with an awful lot of foreign chappies. And it has been known for “common” folk get in. Honestly, just because they have money doesn’t mean they are the right kind of people to enjoy the benefits of being at Ascot. After all, dear old Lizzie and Phillip will be there and I think they see quite enough of these types when they go about their royal visits. I am certain they don’t want to be rubbing shoulders with them on their days off.

Anyway, I must dash, I really should be on my way now. The sun is shining and it looks like it should be a splendid affair this year. No doubt I will have lots to tell you when I return.